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Full Price: £15

Ages: 7-12

Build inventive marble machines with science, technology and everyday materials.

Duration: 180 minutes

Use recycled and everyday materials to design and construct amazing ball runs.

In this hands-on workshop, you and your child will work with artists and technologists to turn cardboard tubes, plumbing pipes and wooden tracks into creative contraptions.

Make your marble run interactive by adding switches, lights, sounds and movement using simple electronics – and a bit of science and engineering know-how! Our team of experts will be there to give you tips and help bring your ideas to life.

Bring your own bits!

We'll have plenty of scrap and craft materials to help build your ball run, but if you have any recycling or other objects and materials that could be useful, please bring them along. Cardboard tubes, plastic tubs, toys – anything goes!

If you already own a BBC Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, or another creative coding tool that you'd like to use or learn more about, bring it along and we can give you some tips.

This event is aimed at children aged 7-12.

Adults permitted only to accompany children. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

See for more details.

Part of Nottingham's Festival of Science and Curiosity.

Bringing science, technology, engineering and maths to the heart of Nottingham from 13-20 February 2019. Visit for more information. 

Contact for any enquiries.

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