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Did you know that Broadway is a registered charity? 

We invest any surplus we make from the cinema and cafébar into supporting educational, community and talent development projects such as our BFI Film Academy, dementia-friendly and supportive environment screenings, our work with local food banks to increase cinema access and our Connecting Communities projects. Our independence gives us the freedom to do more for local people. 


Beyond the Reel is Broadway's fundraising campaign that aims to showcase our mission of inspiring creativity and a lifelong love of film, whilst also giving the audience an opportunity to find out more about our positive impact on the local community.

Over the coming months we'll be introducing some of the work we do to increase access to the arts whilst also developing new filmmaking and artistic talent. Your donations are key to helping us to achieve this charitable mission and we welcome donations via CAF (below), by texting REEL to 70085* or by donating at the box office.

"We're grateful to Broadway customers for their Beyond the Reel donations. When we hand people a cinema ticket it really boosts their self-worth and self-confidence so thank you"

Nigel Adams, Hope Nottingham Food Banks

Gift Aid it

If you pay tax in the UK, don't forget to Gift Aid your donation as this will enable your donation to grow by a further 25%. 

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