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The View From Above is a merging of environmental science, community activism and art, presented in a mixed-media, interactive exhibition by multidisciplinary environmental biologist and Near Now Studio member Mo Langmuir.

Green spaces are important for our wellbeing, fitness, air quality, local biodiversity, drainage and mitigating the urban heat island effect. In cities, where more people and pollution are compounding less nature, the role of green spaces are vital.

This project worked with young people (aged 9-25) to aerially photograph the city centre and its green spaces using a giant helium balloon, acting as a DIY satellite or drone.


About the artist

Mo Langmuir is a multi-disciplinary environmental biologist working at the intersection of environmental issues and social impact. She has a creative and collaborative approach to environmental engagement and all her work helps to bridge the silos of science and art.


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This exhibition will take place in Broadway's Gallery space - direct access via Heathcoat Street, or from our main foyer.

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