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Free artists’ film screening as part of the UKYA City Takeover programme:

GLOSSOLALIA by Henry Bradley

Set on a single stage, GLOSSOLALIA parallels a method acting class in which actors are trained to access and utilise their unconscious, alongside an Accent Softening Course for Business, whereby foreign workers learn the 'Standard English' accent to help further their careers in the UK. Interspersed throughout are a series of scenes, including children learning phonics, that further question our relationships to language and pedagogy.

Situating itself amidst the current divisive politics and rhetoric, the architecture of the stage is used to produce a microcosm of contemporary Britain in turbulent times. Through these different scenarios that predominantly train the voice, a visceral encounter with language, and its role within contemporary capitalism and the wider human condition, begins to form. Furthermore, structured into 19 nonlinear acts, traversing fact and fiction, the film locates itself between the formats of a documentary, a play and a piece of cinema.

UKYA City Takeover comes to Nottingham, 7 - 13 February 2019; uniting 250 artists from 25 countries. It will span the city, immersing visitors in an array of extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work, from visual arts to performance; music; applied arts; literature; digital arts and moving image.

One of the largest biennials of national and international artists in the world, UKYA City Takeover will be discerning and cutting-edge. Presenting an exemplar survey show of contemporary art, performance and music being made today.

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