£5 Mondays to end in April 2024

From Monday 8 April 2024, our £5 Mondays general ticket price will be coming to an end.


Wait, it’s not going to be £5 on Monday anymore?

Our £5 general ticket price on Mondays will end on Monday 8 April, however, Broadway members will still be able to access £5 Monday tickets (and bring a +1 at the £5 rate too) as part of their membership benefits. 

Broadway membership is only £48 for the year and includes several benefits including £5 Mondays tickets, reduced price tickets across the week, no online booking fees and discounts in our Café Bar. 

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Why have you decided to make the change?

Broadway is a registered charity with a mission to inspire creativity and a lifelong love of film, with any profits made from our Café Bar put back into this charitable aim. However, increased operating costs across our cinema and Café Bar - including up to 60% of the ticket price going back to the film distributors and a doubling of utility bills - means that we have to make this change to help sustain Broadway's future.

Audiences can still take advantage of our £5 tickets for under-25s and £5 tickets for Thursday Silver Screens (this includes a hot drink and biscuits as part of your ticket price), plus we’re introducing Pay What You Feel pricing to our Family Matinées, starting from £2. We also have several concessionary tickets available all year round - visit our ticket pricing page to see if any options apply to your circumstances.


How much is Broadway membership?

Broadway membership is £48 annually. Broadway members not only get tickets for £5 on Mondays, but they also receive discounted tickets throughout the week AND with 100% of your membership fee staying in the building, it directly supports Broadway during a challenging time.

Will £5 Monday come back?

Never say never! At certain times of the year, we may decide to change our prices as part of wider promotions and campaigns so keep checking our website for the most up-to-date ticketing information.

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