Sophia Ramcharan - Friend and Colleague

Our dear friend and colleague Sophia Ramcharan passed away in the early hours of Sunday 7 February.

A true cinema-lover, both as a viewer and a creator, Sophia had an unerring eye for talent and was an immensely gifted event producer, film programmer and creative professional. Her role at Broadway since 2015 was to liaise with groups from all areas of the community to enhance screenings and create exciting events for everyone to enjoy. She did this in her own unique way, bringing in writers, musicians, poets, craft-makers, artists, DJs and a whole host of creative and thoughtful people to respond to and engage with great films. In doing so she created great memories, and enriching and joyful experiences for audiences.

She was always brimming full of ideas and enthusiasm for her work and could magic up a special event like no one else because of her deep connection to Nottingham and its people. Because of her natural warmth, intelligence and empathy, Sophia was the consummate ‘community connector.’ She was an integral part of Broadway, and will be most sorely and deeply missed.

One of the many events that Sophia brought to Broadway was THE REAL MCCOY: RELOADED in early 2019. The Q&A from this event, hosted by Sophia, can be viewed below. 

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