• Directed by: July Jung
  • Cast: Kim Si-Eun, Bae Doona
  • Language: Korean with English subtitles
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 138min
  • Certificate: 18
  • Type: Film

Sohee is a high school student at a vocational school in Jeonju, South Korea. Initially excited to land a prestigious internship, the prized role turns out to be a daily nightmare where the young workforce are pushed to reach impossible targets and paid only a fraction of a normal wage. The work is daunting even for a driven student like Sohee. Torn between anger, pressure to perform and disappointment, she's pushed to the limit, plunging her into a downward psychological spiral.

A criminal investigation ensues, and Detective Oh Yoo-jin (Bae Doona), who is assigned Sohee’s case, starts to follow the leads that weave together a picture of Sohee’s gruelling experience in this gripping psychological thriller.

Content note: suicide and self-harm

Screening in The Lounge, all seating is unallocated - please note, all screenings will begin promptly at the advertised time.


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