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£9.99 Rental

  • Directed by: Werner Herzog
  • Cast: Miki Fujimaki, Umentani Hideyasu, Shun Ishigaki
  • Country: US
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 89min
  • Type: Film

50% of the rental price comes directly to Broadway.

Love is a business in the latest film from the legendary Werner Herzog. Family Romance is a Tokyo-based company that offers the perfect stand-ins for absent family, friends or admirers – available to rent for any occasion. Blending fiction storytelling with documentary-style visuals, Family Romance, LLCFAMILY ROMANCE, LLC is a striking meditation on truth and artifice in the age of loneliness.

Please note: Once purchased, you will be able to watch the film for the next 48 hours. For more information, please check this FAQ. If you experience any technical issues, please contact

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