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Created by Tom Dale Company, SURGE DIGITAL is an immersive dance experience, an installation that the audience experience rather than simply ‘watch’.

Suitable for ages 14+. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

A unique opportunity to engage in the developmental stage of this immersive experience for one. The viewer will find themselves in an organic laboratory - a futuristic playground that is grown not constructed, connected not isolated. A chance to explore movement in liminal space. SURGE DIGITAL is highly experimental and still in development. Tom Dale Company wants to place audiences directly inside a world that explores dance and movement in its liminal spaces.

Wear a VR headset and enter a virtual world where you will interact with your environment and visit a number of different rooms to interact, play, hear and feel the work from a different and unique perspective. Affect the shape and form the dancer takes, and the soundscape you hear. Tom Dale Company is funded by Arts Council England. SURGE DIGITAL is supported by the University of Nottingham, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies and the QuestLab Network.


This event is part of FACETS 2021, a series of events produced by Tom Dale Company in collaboration with Lakeside Arts, University of Nottingham, Kerryn Wise (Displace Studio) and Broadway's Near Now.

Engage in immersive dance, explore Virtual Reality and Volumetric Capture as tools for performance making and enjoy stunning performances live or digitally.

See information about the FACETS:21 programme at

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