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Illustrated Talk: 90 mins + 15 min Q&A followed by a screening of UNBREAKABLE (12)

Though it was the depression era which saw the dawn of the superhero, first in pulp comic books, quickly followed by a run of low-budget serialised Saturday matinees, it would be the ‘70s and ‘80s where the superhero film really transformed into the blockbuster we now recognise. This Midday Masterclass will explore game-changing feature films like SUPERMAN (1978) and BATMAN (1989) and show how the film world’s costumed hero feature has evolved from the cheaply produced war time serials of the 1940s into the modern billion-dollar movie franchise industry we know today, thanks largely to a host of DC comic adaptations and of course, the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Free Talk & Screening

This is event has been specifically created for 16-25 year-olds - please bring proof of age with you to show alongside your ticket. All 16-25 attendees will need to complete a survey to claim a free ticket - you'll receive this via email once you've booked your place.

Any remaining tickets will be released to the general public on the day of the event.

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