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Illustrated Talk: 90 mins + 15 min Q&A followed by a screening of Ghost Stories (15)
Much of the imagery and iconography we have come to associate with horror films sprang from the last century but conversely, some of the best examples of the darker side of cinema have been developed much more recently. The 21stcentury with its modern insecurities and anxieties around technology, social media, fake news and extremist politics, has given rise to some of the most innovative, stylish and shocking horror movies ever to have hit the silver screen. From J-Horror to disturbing psychological thrillers, the late-night movie has never felt so grim. With plenty of clips and discussion, this Midday Movie Masterclass will examine a number of films from the last two decades including Let the Right One in, The Babadook, Get Out and The Witch as well as more recent offerings such as Candyman and In the Earth. The future is now and it’s scary as hell.


Free Talk & Screening

This is event has been specifically created for 16-25 year-olds - please bring proof of age with you to show alongside your ticket. All 16-25 attendees will need to complete a survey to claim a free ticket - you'll receive this via email once you've booked your place.

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