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Suitable for creatives, academics, students. In this interactive workshop, the team behind BBC MakerBox will present their tools for creating interactive and responsive media experiences and how you can get free access to them.

You could use the BBC’s MakerBox tools to turn your everyday devices into a web of speakers or to create your own interactive videos and responsive experiences.

The BBC Connected Studio team (presenting via Zoom) will introduce the tools, how they work, and show how you can get involved in the MakerBox community to share your ideas and experiences with other creatives.

The second half of the session will give you the opportunity to generate and workshop your own interactive projects and ideas.

As part of the BBC's Research & Development department, Connected Studio provides the inspiration, support and platform to help keep the BBC at the cutting-edge of online innovation, and a world leader at delivering engaging broadcast experiences. With audience needs at the forefront of development, Connected Studio devises collaboration to produce innovative digital pilots and offers access to tools, guidance and insight through MakerBox. From workshops with artists and production companies to publishing digital pilots on BBC Taster, Connected Studio provides the resource needed to reach audiences in new and diverse digital ways.

This event is suitable for ages 18+ and will take place in the Studio at Broadway. Or, you can join in at home via Zoom using this link:



This event is part of FACETS 2021, a series of events produced by Tom Dale Company in collaboration with Lakeside Arts, University of Nottingham, Kerryn Wise (Displace Studio) and Broadway's Near Now. Engage in immersive dance, explore Virtual Reality and Volumetric Capture as tools for performance making and enjoy stunning performances live or digitally.

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