All tickets: £20

Jon Ronson: Live
Things Fell Apart
Strange Tales from the Culture Wars

Things Fell Apart is the live version of Jon’s hit BBC Radio 4 podcast. Jon will tell stories from the show, and some brand new stories too. There'll be audio and rare video clips and surprise guests and a Q&A.

About Things Fell Apart: These past few years Jon has watched friends get caught up in the online culture wars to such a degree they've lost everything – their careers, their wellbeing. And by culture wars, Jon means the battle for dominance between conflicting values. Jon wanted to understand how things fell apart, and so he went back in time to find the origin stories, the pebbles thrown in the pond creating the ripples. He had no idea how unexpected, how spellbinding, those tales would be.

Praise for the podcast:
‘Superb' - The Times.
'The number one audio show of 2021’ - The Observer.
‘The episodes start in such obscure places and take such unexpected turns that each one is a revelatory listen’ - The Royal Television Society.

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