My Movie


My Movie

For £195 we’ll screen the film of your choice (as long as we can get hold of it) at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, and give you 30 tickets. If you’d like any more, please consult with us directly before you book your My Movie.

Your name will appear with the film in our brochure, and your dedication will be shown on the cinema screen before the film begins. You and your party will have a special roped-off area of the auditorium, and you’ll get to share a film you love with Nottingham’s most discerning cinema viewers.

We book films quite far in advance, so please give us as much notice as you can – at least eight weeks. Some people book well in advance, so it’s worth getting in quick.

Click here If you would like More information about My Movie Or alternatively Download our My Movie booking form

Here are the remaining available My Movie dates up to December in 2015:

May 2015
Sun 10th - Available

Sun 24th - Available

June 2015
Sun 7th - Available
Sun 14th - Available
Sun 21st - Available

July 2015
Sun 12th - Available
Sun 26th - Available

August 2015
Sun 23rd - Available

September 2015
Sun 13th - Available
Sun 20th - Available

October 2015
Sun 11th - Available

November 2015
Sun 1st - Available
Sun 8th - Available
Sun 29th - Available

December 2015
Sun 20th - Available
Sun 27th - Available

To find out more, talk to Laura on 0115 952 6600 or email