The Great Hip Hop Hoax + Director's Q&A

The Great Hip Hop Hoax + Director's Q&A 18

Director: Jeanie Finlay
Origin: United Kingdom

When their promising Scottish rap act was branded "the rapping Proclaimers" by scornful A&Rs, friends Billy and Gavin reinvented themselves as LA homeboys, Silibil n' Brains. The lie was their golden ticket to a dream life. With confessions from the scammers, insight from the music execs they duped and doodle reconstructions by Jon Burgerman, the film charts the roller coaster story of the highs of the scam and the lows of madness, and the personal toll the deception took. A film about truth, lies and the legacy of faking everything in the desperate pursuit of fame and the American dream.

“A great tale of a rock ‘n roll roll swindle told with pop star flair and biting intelligence”

We are delighted to welcome Broadway-based director Jeanie Finlay and artist Jon Burgerman for a Q&A following this gala screening.


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The Great Hip Hop Hoax + Director's Q&A