The Authentic Self

Digital Arts

The Authentic Self UC

Shorts and Panel Discussion
Featuring Child of the Atom by David Blandy

‘The Cutting Room’ present a series of short films exploring questions about our own personal and collective identities. Is it possible to be truly authentic? Does an authentic self exist?

Including an exclusive screening of David Blandy's new film Child of the Atom and accompanying films from David Shrigley, Oriana Fox, Hetain Patel, Clare Harris, Jennifer Ross, Chambers Judd, Jon Burgerman, Multitouch Barcelona and Liam Aitken.

Following the screening will be a Q&A with artist David Blandy opening up to a panel discussion with Paul Gladston (Associate Professor of Critical Theory and Visual Culture, University of Nottingham) and chaired by Joanne Lee (Senior Lecturer, Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University).


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