The All Night Bad Movie Experience

The All Night Bad Movie Experience 18

Broadway is delighted to host The All Night Bad Movie Experience – a unique and completely mind-bending cinematic event...Watch four of the very worst films ever made, in a row, through the entire night of 19th November 2011!
Featuring Tommy Wiseau’s spectacularly awful and already legendary international cult sensation THE ROOM; the utterly demented early 80s slasher mind-trip PIECES; the jaw-droppingly poor, utterly hilarious 80s action disaster SAMURAI COP and the Patrick Swayze cheese outrage ROAD HOUSE.
Four of the funniest, silliest and most astonishingly awful bad movies in cinema history packed into one night of total, non-stop entertainment .
With three films playing from vintage 35mm prints, classic bad movie trailers and a free raffle!

Tickets: £15.50 full / £14.50 concs + members

Due to popular demand, you can buy tickets for The Room separately from The All Night Bad Movie Experience. Normal ticket prices apply. It starts at 11PM.


Sorry, there are no upcoming screenings for this film.

The All Night Bad Movie Experience