Scary Shorts

Mayhem Horror Festival

Scary Shorts 18

Subtitles: Yes

(Note: this is not a running order)

FIST OF JESUS (15 mins, Dirs: Adrian Cardona, David Munoz)
Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need… but there
are others that will taste his fist

BIOCOP (5 mins, Dir: Steve Konstanski)
A fake trailer about a mutated cop who cannot die and his struggles to stop the latest designer drug.

THE APOCALYPSE (6 mins, Dir: Andrew Zuchero)
Four uninspired friends try to come up with a terrific idea for how to spend their Saturday afternoon.

HELL NO! (4 mins, Dir: Joe Nicolosi)
HELL NO is a short movie trailer that explores what would happen in horror
movies if smart characters made good decisions. Spoiler alert: everyone

TWO FINGERS:’VENGEANCE RHYTHM’ (3 mins, Dir: Chris Ullens)
This is the story of a very very angry teddy bear!

AN ALIEN CLAYMATION (3 mins, Dir: Lee Hardcastle)
Dad invites Alien visitors into his home then ends up fighting them.

GRANDPA (15 mins, Dir: Leslie Simpson)
Milo is a troubled kid. He's having night terrors, little accidents, and his only friend has lost an eye. 
Luke, his father, is blind to Milo's problems. 
He's overworked, underpaid, and up to his eyes in debt. 
They live in Grandpa's old house; not so much an inheritance than a millstone round their necks.

But something is changing. 
And Grandpa keeps watch.

SENDO SENSHI (3.30, Dirs: Alan D. Boyd & Video Mat)
Whilst investigating a Yakuza kidnapping, Sendo Senshi begins to reveal a deeper sinister plot that threatens to tear the underworld limb from limb sending shockwaves across the globe.

RELLIK (5.18 mins, Dir: David Lilley)
Starting at the end and returning to the beginning, ‘Rellik’ retraces the steps that lead to a woman’s horrific murder. A secluded wood. Two masked perpetrators. Who are they? What is their motivation?

HOME MOVIES (40 secs, Dir: Jordan Morris)
We tried to think of the most twisted, depraved and horrifying film we
could make in under a minute, Home Movies was the result, you have been

TIGHTENING OUR BELTS (9.15mins, Dir: Jordan Shankman)
On a Halloween night, a father searches for his son, and comes face to face with pure evil.

THE POLICEMAN'S STORY (7.20mins, Dir: Tristan Ofield)
Responding to a concerned neighbor - a Policeman arrives at a house in the dead of night to search for Mr. Groboski who has been missing for the past three days.

8.47 (12.03 mins, Dir: Nik Kacevski)
MAIA will do anything to save her sister, but in this sci-fi, time-travel thriller, she will only have one breath.


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