Scala Beyond Triple Bill

Scala Beyond Triple Bill 18


Kino Klubb, Mayhem and Kneel Before Zod clash heads again in a special triple bill inspired by the legendary London cinema The Scala featuring sexy super villains, demented cannibal comedy and the weirdest weird science.

Kino Klubb Presents
DANGER: DIABOLIK directed by Mario Bava 1968
Super thief Diabolik wreaks havoc as he outsmarts the police and the government in this super sexy, super-stylish sixties comic book masterpiece from the king of Italian genre filmmaking. Brilliant, bizarre, beautiful, Bava! The cultiest cult movie director's masterpiece of super-villainy, out-thrills and out-gadgets Bond. With an amazing Morricone score, lavish set designs and trick photography this is pure cinema at it's purest.


Mayhem Presents
SPIDER BABY directed by Jack Hill 1968
A rare disease causes the members of the dwindling Merryre clan to regress psychologically as they age. When long-lost relatives arrive, the demented family take murderous revenge on their intruders. Also known, quite accurately, as The Maddest Story Ever Told, The Incredible Liver Eaters and even Cannibal Orgy, Spider Baby is one of the most admired and influential cult films ever made.


Kneel Before Zod Presents a Cafe Bar Screening
FROM BEYOND directed by Stuart Gordon 1986
The bad-dream-team that gave us ‘Re-Animator’ followed it with this even barmier slice of lurid Lovecraftian horror. Scientist Dr Pretorius has invented the Resonator, a machine that enables the user to perceive entities from beyond the physical realm. Predictably, its activation leads to all kinds of trouble, as a gateway to another dimension is forced open and what lurks beyond steps into this realm to eat our heads and turn us on. A classic ‘80s genre film that will draw the night to a pink and slimy conclusion.

Tickets: £12 full / £10 concs + members


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