My Brothers + Director's Q&A

My Brothers + Director's Q&A 15

Director: Paul Fraser
Cast: Timmy Creed, Paul Courtney, TJ Griffin
Origin: Ireland

My Brothers is a beautiful and heartwarming road movie set during the Halloween weekend of 1987. When 17-year-old Noel accidentally breaks his dying father's wristwatch, he "borrows" his boss's bread van and with his two younger brothers in tow, heads across country to the town of Ballybunion. On the trip, brotherly differences - and similarities - turn the journey into more than what they expected.

Director Paul Fraser, who has written screenplays for five feature films with director Shane Meadows, makes an assured directorial debut that skilfully manoeuvers the nuances of William Collins' script and balances the offbeat humour with the emotional richness of the story. Tribeca Film Festival

We are delighted to welcome Paul Fraser to Broadway to attend a Q&A session after the screening.


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My Brothers + Director's Q&A