Life of Pi (3D)

Life of Pi (3D) PG

Director: Ang Lee
Cast: Irrfan Khan
Origin: United States

The story of a young Indian boy who survives a shipwreck and subsequent journey aboard a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger as his fearsome and, ultimately, cherished companion. Fantastical, suspenseful and breathtakingly beautiful, Life of Pi can be savoured by audiences of all ages. NYFF


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Colin Shanks said:

Life Of Pi - 5/5:
When an Indian family are forced to sell up their zoo and move to Canada, their father insists upon shipping his zoo with them, but when a storm leaves son Pi (Suraj Sharma) stranded in a life boat, he must quickly learn how to survive the elements, and the surprises thrown up along the way.
Visually stunning, especially in 3D, this story of hope, love and survival will capture your heart. Although the final 20 minutes are a bit of an anti climax, this is still an unmissable piece of cinema, reminiscent of Cast Away and Slumdog Millionaire.

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Life of Pi (3D)