Creativity and 'Inner Vision'

Acting Out Nottingham 2015

Creativity and 'Inner Vision' CERT TBC

Sal Anderson, director of the Institute of Inner Vision, will introduce three filmmakers who will show recent films that expose and explore themes around the experience of psychosis. The filmmakers will show their films, answer questions and discuss their work. The audience will be invited to participate in a workshop sharing ideas about creativity and inner vision. [No previous film experience required.] Featuring Susan Young's IT STARTED WITH A MURDER (3mins), 2013; Anotnia Attwood's MY MOTHER TONGUE (5mins), 2014; and Dolly Sen's OUTSIDE (5.44mins), 2013.

The programme is curated by PSY - Acting Out Nottingham with Sal Anderson, Institute of Inner Vision.

Advised certificate 15.

All tickets: £3.50


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