Uprising: '68 and Beyond in American Cinema

Uprising: '68 and Beyond in American Cinema UC

Film critic Christina Newland presents a day-long course examining the wide variety of counterculture films released in America in the late '60s and early '70s. From hippie haters to road-tripping drug dealers, subversive westerns to longhaired 'Nam vets, the course will examine the socio-historical context for the wave of underground and mainstream American movies that represented the 'don't trust anyone over thirty' generation. Clips and discussion will include EASY RIDER, MEDIUM COOL, PUNISHMENT PARK, THE DEER HUNTER, COMING HOME, and more.
Keep the spirit of revolution going and finish the day with a screening of the Spring of ’68-set Redoubtable at 3.45PM

Tutor: Christina Newland

UPRISING: SPIRIT OF '68 is a season supported by funds from the National Lottery, led by Film Hub Midlands on behalf of the BFI UK Film Audience Network.


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