The Ciambra

The Ciambra 15

Director: Jonas Carpignano
Cast: Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon

Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Duration: 118m
With English Subtitles

In a small Roma community in southern Italy, 14-year-old Pio is desperate to grow up fast. His role model is his oldest brother Cosimo who provides for the family through petty theft. When Cosimo is arrested, Pio seizes the opportunity to show the world he can fill his brother’s shoes, but as he gets deeper into dangerous territory, he must face a decision that will show if he is truly ready to become a man.

“A raw and distinctive coming-of-age portrait.” – The Hollywood Reporter

TUE 19, 2.30PM
Our 2.30PM screening on Tuesday 19 June will be introduced by:
Chai Larden - Singer songwriter from Nottingham and London, currently part of The Invisible Orchestra
Ashwin Balu - Producer, journalist and chef
Parisa Eliyon - Musical entrepreneur and jazz hip hop artist


Sorry, there are no upcoming screenings for this film.

The Ciambra