The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales CERT TBC

Director: Patrick Imbert, Benjamin Renner

Country: France/Belgium
Year: 2017
Duration: 83m
From the maker of Ernest and Celestine comes a new joyful animated tale. Meet a lazy stork who refuses to deliver a baby; a fox who has accidentally adopted three strong-minded chicks; and a duck who wants to replace Father Christmas! This colourful cast of characters, with their charming expressions and their very peculiar sense of logic, are bound to make you laugh, whatever your age. Flatpack Film Festival

SAT 11 AUG, 10.30AM (130m – WITH BREAK)
Create your own 2D paper creatures and bring them to life in a cartoon! Use The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales as inspiration and create a fox, pig, rabbit, hen, duck or even a big, bad wolf. And we’ll send you a copy of your very own film too!
£15 each - limited places available.
This workshop is suitable for ages 7-12 years


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