Summer 1993

Summer 1993 12A

Fri 20 Jul - Thu 26 Jul - Book Now

Director: Carla Simón
Cast: Paula Robles, Laia Artigas

Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Duration: 98m

With English Subtitles
Having just lost her mother, six-year-old Frida is sent to rural Catalonia to live with her uncle, his wife, and their four-year-old daughter. Struggling to process her grief, Frida acts out, tells lies and inflicts small cruelties on her new sister. Frida attempts to find her place in the world and rediscover the meaning of family. An astonishing autobiographical debut from Carla Simón.

“Brought to life with grit and flair by Laia Artigas, Simón presents a psychologically complex portrait of love and loss through fine-combed emotional sensitivity.” - Barbican


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