LIAF Presents Amazing Animations for 0-7yo

LIAF Presents Amazing Animations for 0-7yo CERT TBC

Duration: 70m
This screening is suitable for children of all ages but is specifically aimed at 0-7 year-olds.

The following programme has been created by kids, for kids. Every two months, throughout 2017, we have screened a new programme of animated short films, the best films from all around the world, at cinemas UK-wide to our wildly enthusiastic childrens’ audiences. After the screenings the children were asked to vote for their favourite films. We’ve counted the votes – and these films are what YOU told us were your favourites throughout the year.

There’ll be talking animals, seriously fun adventures and tales that spark all those little imaginations. Animation is the most imaginative and engaging of all art forms and is the perfect platform to enthral and inspire the wide-open imaginations of kids. This programme – carefully selected with our youngest audience in mind – is always popular – and not a toy ad in sight.
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Spring Jam
Dir: Ned Wenlock
New Zealand, 5’35, 2016
A young stag, lacking impressive antlers, knows he needs to improvise sweet music if he’s to have any chance during the mating season.

Mr Night Has A Day Off
Dir: Ignas Meilunas
Lithuania, 2’00, 2017
Unsatisfied, Mr Night is walking around the town changing all things to black until everything is as dark as night.

Keep On Rolling!
Dir: Takashi Miike
Japan, 5’00, 2016
An ambitious dung beetle can’t stop rolling poo. He perfects the art with every round thing he comes across.

A Rhino named Paul "Everybody sleeps"
Dir: Dave Schlafman, Mike Annear
USA, 2’40, 2015
It's bedtime, but a restless little rhino just isn't ready to call it a day.

Dust Buddies
Dir: Sam Wade and Beth Tomashek
USA, 4’05, 2016
A group of adorable dust bunnies live a humble, but happy existence until a dust-up with a determined maid gets them into an epic kerfuffle.

Deep Beneath The Earth
Dir: Kim Noce and Shaun Clark
UK, 3’00, 2017
The only thing young Lucy likes is gaming on her Ipad. But when she loses it in the woods she is determined to get it back.

The One Who Tamed the Clouds
Dir: Julie Rembauville , Nicolas Bianco-Levrin
France, 4’00, 2016
At the top of a canyon, the old Indian Flying Shadow teaches the young Nayati the ancient art of smoke signals.

Dir: Marlies van der Wel
Netherlands, 2’00, 2016
When Sabaku’s best friend Buffalo passes away, he needs to find himself a new friend.

Water Path For A Fish
Dir: Mercedes Marro
France, 8’00, 2016
In a Latin American town Oscar sleeps when a sudden gust of wind wakes him up. From his window he sees a goldfish in a dirty puddle, gasping for air.

Dir: Eugeniy Fadeyev
Russia, 5’00, 2015
A class of children go to see “Hamlet” with their strict teacher. When the children get bored, they start to laugh and wreak havoc.

About Coati
Dir: Alexandra Slepchuk
Russia, 6’00, 2015
A delightful fable about how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Awesome Beetle's Colours
Dir: Indra Sproge
Latvia, 3’15, 2016
A lovely song to guide you through the alphabet.

The Red Herring
Dir: Leevi Lemmetty
Finland/Ireland, 6’40, 2015
Are these penguins hungry or greedy?

Kochkunst - The Art of Cooking
Dir: Stella Raith
Germany, 3’15, 2016
The cook wants to make a pancake but it fights tooth and nail against returning to the pan.

In the Forest of Forgotten Umbrellas
Dir: Dimitry Vysotskiy
Russia, 6’35, 2016
Every night Dad tries to figure out what story to tell his little children.

Dir: Max Mortl and Robert Loebel
Germany, 2’00, 2017
On a small island a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.

[advised certificate PG]


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