Interrogating Film Noir

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Interrogating Film Noir UC

Duration: 90m

This course is designed to investigate a series of questions about one of the most fascinating and complex categories of film. Does ‘film noir’ refer to a specific period of film production? Is its use restricted to films from, say, the 1940s and 1950s? Does it apply only to American films? Is it a genre? Why is it known by a French term rather than an English one? We will be examining visual style and narrative themes; issues of gender, including archetypal characterisations such as the private eye and the femme fatale; influences and antecedents such as ‘hard-boiled’ fiction and German Expressionism; wartime and ‘low-budget’ noir; and noir stars.

Tutor: Ian Brookes
Duration: 6 weeks
Monday evenings commencing Monday 2 Oct, 7PM-8.30PM
Price: £42/£30 memb+conc


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