Film Open

Film Open CERT TBC

Duration: 105m

An opportunity for new and emerging filmmaking talents to showcase their work, network with other filmmakers and gain valuable peer-to-peer insights. Film Open is free to enter for everyone and we especially focus on films that star or are directed and/or produced by Black and Minority Ethnic talent and Women. In this programme, there'll be locally-made music videos, documentaries and dramas. We're also proud to present 1745, a short film about two sisters escaping slavery, set in the Scottish Highlands.

Tickets: £3.50


Dir: Bev Sterling
SLAVE BRACELETS is a participatory video (created to be projected from above, onto a large table/floor), which associates the personal and familiar, but also plays with these bracelets disturbing similarities with another everyday item.

Beverley is a mixed-media installation artist (based in Nottingham) who also produces short movies and animations, using a digital camera and ipad. She has exhibited her work in the UK, Zimbabwe and Senegal.

MANOLO (4'04)
Dir: Gavin Gordan
Dance Video featuring Take One Studio.

Born and raised in Nottingham Instinct comes from a musical background coming up through the CRS Studio in St Ann's were he became a rap artist, poet and learnt to produce music. He was part of a popular Nottingham hip hop group called Out Da Ville, performing up and down the country, as well as have music on radio one and appearing on MTV. His film making career started with creating music videos for local artists were he started to hone his craft creating a narrative based style. He attended university to study music technology witch lead to him doing onset sound for short films. He produced his first self funded film in 2016 called Dark Angels and continues to produce films and music videos locally. Instinct is also a professional actor coming up through the Nottingham actors workshop having done short films and performed a theatre piece at the the Edinburgh fringe with Nottingham based production group 28 Productions.

Dir: Michael Mante
A krump dancer performs amidst the ills, filth and degradation of his urban environment in this surreal art exploration of gentrification, classism and racism.

Michael is an aspiring filmmaker, both directing films and writing screenplays. His creative ambitions are to use film to speak to audiences, ask questions and encourage viewers to ask themselves questions. 'Visual literacy is the world's most poignant language, and I try to use that to communicate the things I see in everyday life.'

Dir: Victoria Thomas
70-year-old Betty is inspired to stage a robbery at the local art gallery where she meets her best friend Grace for tea every week after learning that Grace has been doing so successfully for years.

Victoria Thomas is an award-winning filmmaker and BAFTA-nominated producer working across fiction, documentary and audience design for film distribution.

Dir: Yero Timi-Biu
BENEATH THE SURFACE is an animation about two best friends, growing up in the same world but experiencing it completely differently. We observe Cherelle and Minomis twenty-five year relationship, plagued with micro-aggressions and realisations.

Yero Timi-Biu is an East-London based writer, producer and director for theatre, film and TV. Her first play, Light Housekeeping was developed on attachment with Soho Theatre in 2016. She is currently works at BBC Studios BBC Drama and has TV projects in development. Jessica Ashman is an award-winning animation director, artist and arts educator based in London. Her commercial clients include the BBC, Channel 4, Asda and Nike and she has been commissioned by Creative Scotland, UK Film Council and Arts Council England for her past personal work.

Dir: Aisha Sanyang-Meek
The social and personal politics of black hair.

Aisha Sanyang-Meek is a poet, journalist and filmmaker from Bristol, now working for RIFE magazine at Watershed.

TWO (3'23)
Dir: Daisy Ifama
TWO is a documentary introduction to conversations around the complex nature of multiracial identity. The film features two white-passing young women who have similar heritage but racially identify differently, one as white and one as mixed race. The intention of the piece is to present the intricate experiences of the subjects and not to show their identities as being 'right' or ‘wrong'.

Ifama is a South London based filmmaker working in digital video commission. Her work explores issues of belonging, identity formation and disrupting the grey area.

Dir: Victoria Thomas
A tattoo artist in Lagos has found his niche tattooing the lips of men pink because they believe it makes them more acceptable to society.

Victoria Thomas is an award winning filmmaker and BAFTA nominated producer working across fiction, documentary and audience design for film distribution.

Dir: Cherry Johnson
Cherry has directed and produced a new series of short documentaries about young people with varied disabilities, who choose not to let this effect their love for the music and the media industry. The young people share their experiences exploring them positive and negative sides that they face day-to-day and aim to encourage others that anything is possible.

Cherry is a BBC/ SKY trained Television location shoots camera and lighting operator. She is the CEO of Press Play Ent.

Dir: Cherry Johnson
Vibez & Haze creative - A vibrant, arty video filmed in London.

Dir: Sue Ansell
Leaving her baby in the care of an ancient tree, Rowan goes to tend her charcoal kiln in the forest, where she confronts her fears and transformations take place… A dream-like hypnotic film narrative, exploring loss and transcendence, based on the traditional lullaby: ‘Rock-a-bye-baby’ and the legend of its origin. An experimental short; with actors Tanya Myers & Roger Knott-Fayle.

Su Ansell is a Nottingham-based Moving Image Artist, Filmmaker and Senior Lecturer on Photography & Video Programmes at the Leicester School of Art, De Montfort University. Su uses moving image poetically to express metaphysical truths about women’s experiences. Her practice encompasses experimental narrative film and video installation.

GREEN GARDEN - feat J. Gold (4'07)
Dir: Gavin Gordon
Music Video

RISE (3'25)
Dir: Jordan McGibney
A cinematic spoken word exploration of the parallels between the co-operative movements of the working class, pre-World War 2 and the sports icons that represented their tenacity, strength and drive to lift themselves from poverty.

Jordan McGibney is a passionate and driven young filmmaker, director and actor from Nottingham.

Dir: Mark Oliver and Johann Myers
A suburban couple are experiencing marriage difficulties and decide to build their relationship by spicing up their love life. They have struck a deal; who is coming to save the day and will their relationship survive this?

Johann and Mark grew up in Nottingham where in their early childhood through to teens, they both attended drama school to develop their talents for stage, film, and television and featured in many children's television productions. Both actors have carved out successful careers in the industry and have featured in many well known British and BAFTA award winning shows as well as film and theatre. Now Mark and Johann have combined forces to showcase all of their years of experience in the industry for their joint directorial debut on THE DEAL, also written by Mark Oliver. With a keen eye for a subtle and true performance Johann Myers and Mark Oliver have embarked on a collaboration in film-making which shows no sign of slowing down.

1745 (18m)
Dir: Gordan Napier
When two young black enslaved sisters escape into the wilds of 18th century Scotland, they must use all of their courage and strength to survive, unite, and stay free. On their journey they rediscover their spiritual and cultural connection to one another in pursuit of freedom through a foreign land set against an epic and elemental backdrop at a turbulent time in Scotland’s history.

1745 highlights a forgotten part of Scotland’s history: while Scotland was fighting for its national freedom in that fateful year, its economy was in large part founded on the booming colonial slave trade. While the majority of slavery happened elsewhere - off-stage, across the Atlantic - there were African slaves here, kept as trophies and pets in the houses of their rich merchant masters. “1745” was inspired by advertisements that writer, Morayo Akandé, discovered for runaway slaves, placed in Scottish newspapers of the time.



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