Arts & Tech Summer School: Explore Digital Art

Arts & Tech Summer School: Explore Digital Art UC

A beginners-friendly day of learning, making and creativity for young aspiring artists aged 13-16, with Near Now and Bright Box.

With hands-on demonstrations and mentoring from our team of artists and creatives, you will learn the skills you need to make exciting, interactive art using technology.

Try out a range of new tools and techniques for making digital art. Including:

• Creative coding – make fascinating visuals and music using code.
• 3D scanning – turn real objects into digital artefacts to use in artworks and augmented reality.
• Virtual Reality – create three-dimensional art in VR.
• Glitch Art – turn photos into unexpected, experimental artworks.
• Projection mapping – build a cardboard sculpture and bring it to life with projected images.
• Playful prototyping – use LEDs, conductive materials, sound and code to create moving, interactive art.

You'll also have the chance to show off what you make in our Gallery – see for more details.

Please email if you have any questions about the event.

About Bright Box:
Bright Box's mission is to encourage children to be curious, creative and confident.
Based in Sheffield, Bright Box offer hands-on, experiential programmes and activities for young people focused on creative science, technology, engineering and maths. Their broader vision is to create inclusive kids' makerspaces focused on enabling today's children to invent the future with creativity and confidence.
See for more information.


Near Now is Broadway's studio for arts, design and technology.

Image by Antonio Roberts – artist, curator and Near Now Fellow.


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