A Fist Full of Westerns

A Fist Full of Westerns UC

Duration: 90m

From early productions like 1903’s THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, through to the films of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, the Western has always been an endearing and lasting feature on the dusty, cactus strewn Hollywood trail. This course pays tribute to the greats of that genre, examining the cinema of John Ford, Sergio Leone, John Sturges, Sam Pekninpah and many others. Including plenty of clips and discussion, each week we will explore how ‘The Cowboy’ film has changed, and been a tool of government propagandists and political rebels alike. Expect gunslingers, outlaws and bullet ridden saloon bars in a never-ending tale of the good, the bad and the ugly.
Tutor: Andrew Graves
Duration: 10 weeks
Tuesday evenings commencing Tuesday 9 January, 7PM-8.30PM
Price: £70/£50 memb & conc


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