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Filmmaking Summer School
Monday 14th August – Friday 18th August 2017

If you’re 13 to 15 years old, spend a week at Broadway this summer making a film.

The week’s programme will provide opportunities to watch and discuss a selection of short films to expand film knowledge and help inspire creativity. You will work with industry professionals to develop your ideas and, as part of a small team, produce your own zombie themed short film.

You will be supported through the film production process to develop creative and technical filmmaking skills in key production roles.

The week’s activity will include -

- Watching and discussing a selection of films
- Developing ideas
- Writing a script
- Learning about all the different roles in the film industry
- Learning how to use cameras, lights and other filmmaking equipment
- Making your own horror sound effects
- Making your own costumes, props and learning basic horror make-up skills
- Acting in your own production
- Editing

There will be a free screening on Saturday 19th August at 10AM for family and friends to come along and watch your film!

Eligibility - You will need to be between the ages of 13 and 15 on the first day of the Filmmaking Summer School.

Workshop dates -

Monday 14th August – Friday 18th August 2017.
Each day will run from 9.30AM – 4PM.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided by Broadway every day to all participants.

Location -

Broadway Cinema
14-18 Broad Street

Costs - £250 (includes lunch and refreshments each day)

Questions - If you have any questions please email us at


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