Broadway's Environmental Policy

One of Broadway’s key objectives is to put energy saving measures and environmental sustainability at the heart of our business.

Our Aims

  • Minimise waste year on year by reducing waste and improving recycling efficiencies
  • Reduce our carbon footprint year on year by improving energy efficiencies of systems and equipment.
  • Reduce water consumption year on year by greater efficiencies
  • Promote sustainability to customers, partners and clients
  • Ensure an ethical and sustainable supply chain of goods and services
  • Monitor progress and report annually our performance

We have already

  • Moved to waterless urinals throughout the building, saving 30% water usage
  • Introduced LED lighting to Screen 1 and Café Bar, greatly reducing energy consumption
  • Changed kitchen practices to more energy efficient gas cookers from electric
  • Use locally sourced food and drink, including having our own beer brewed
  • Appointed a staff member to lead on environmental policy and guide the organisation’s environmental objectives
  • Met and exceeded our 2015 target for waste reduction

Latest News:

Since 2013 we have been working in conjunction with Arts Council approved sustainability experts Julie’s Bicycle to set benchmark levels in all areas where we can identify, measure and prove efficiencies.

During 2014:

  • We have moved our electricity supply contratc to a 100% green fully renewable tariff.
  • We have made substantial changes to our waste management and following a building wide introduction of full co-mingled recycling collection bins, two thirds of our waste now goes to direct recycling. The remaining third goes to incineration where its calorific value is extracted to help generate district heating and electricity within the City.
  • We are currently working with The University of Nottingham on an innovative energy monitoring project which will give us unique energy data on film screenings and CO2 impacts
  • We are also currently partnering with the Cinema Exhibitors Association to better understand the industries energy and environmental impacts and share findings

We Will

By 2015 we aim to have completed the following tasks to help further reduce energy use and water consumption:

  • Introduce automatic zonal lighting controls to public areas wherever possible
  • Increase the conversion of older parts of the building to use LED lighting
  • Better management of heating systems to reduce usage and save CO2
  • New design solutions to help reduce heat loss during winter in our foyer and entrance areas
  • Install water hippos in all cisterns
  • Convert all taps to push valve types