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Today is 100 years when RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City for cinema goers they get a chance to relive the Documentry / Love Story once again as with Jame Cameron’s 1997 movie Titanic hits the big screen and this time in 3D.

A love story like no other told by one of the surviours of the RMS Titanic tells her story about the lost love she had onboard , where two different classes of people can fall in love just shows how much love can mean. The movie starts of with a group of expolers trying to find hidden treasures lost within the Titanic only to find painting of Rose wearing a necklece which the team were looking for as it was quite sort after, Rose saw the images on a news channel who then contacted the team to tell them of her journey on the titanic.

The 3D effects are nothing really to shout about the fact that our movie went wrong and had to be stopped 15mins in as it didn’t fill the whole screen size then had to be restarted nearly took the whole feel out of the film but the magic was still there and still tells a love story that was so meaningful and the fact that there time together would be short lived just made a moment in cinema history and must be seen again on the big screen weather in 2D or 3D.


Review by James Jarvis


Everything that happens in life is for a reason and for Jeff trying to find his purpose by following signs and things which happen and taking everyday as it comes.

Jason Segel plays Jeff who hasn’t got anything to do other then sit at home and watch tv and of course get high , well Jeff recieved a phone call which gave him a reason to seek the meaning of this call and its purpose.
A heartfelt story about a misunderstood man who even his brother played by Ed Helms doesn’t even want to spend time with all Jeff has is his mother played by Judy Greer who works in a office job who wants the two brothers to just get back in contact with each other and spend time together.
Jeff’s outlook on everyday life seems somewhat strange to his brother but as Jeff trys to figure out the reasoning and signs of that phonecall being at the right place at the right time really can make a difference in someone’s life even if it isn’t your own.

After the loss of his father Jeff and the rest of the family have lost touch of life and each other and seem set in there ways , a brother going through a tough time in his relationship and a mother wanting the best for him and his bother doing things which he has nothing to gain from and sharing this Jeff believes is his purpose.

Isn’t really a comedy but does have some funny moments its an easy watching film something which you can relate to and enjoy.

Review by James Jarvis


Johnny Depp and Eva Green battle it out for family business , lost love oh and the price of fish well that’s the family business in this Tim Burtons dark vampire comedy with has a whole host of stars , but can it live up to the hype or better off remaining dead?

With a star studded cast which also includes Alice Cooper and Christopher Lee , this spooky comedy sees a jelous maid of the Collins household take it vengeance on anyone who shows any affection to Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) as Barnabas true love is put under a spell by the maid who is also a witch is sent to her death falling off a cliff barnabas is forced to love forever as a vampire and it buried for nearly 200 years to be woken in the 1970′s where peace and love are somewhat different.

Barnabas must reclaim his family business which once was the heart of the fishing industry in this small town but winning over your long long long lost family and trying to understand the new world in which he is in oh and of course being a vampire will keep you entertained from start to finish. With classic rock songs from T-Rex and many more just feels like the film is set in the 1970′s but where parts of the film where great others just seemed to drag and where quite boring , most of the funny references and moments from the trailer are really only the best laughs in the film.

Review by James Jarvis


The pirate captain sets sail hoping to be crowned pirate of the year , bumping into the likes of the Queen and Isaac Newton trying to put him off course , how does he get on

Hugh Grant and a whole host of English stars voice over in this comedy , for the pirate company he wants to win the pirate of the year award which means bringing home enough booty of treasure but each and every year he enters the competition he gets laughed at by all the other pirates but this year might be different.
The pirate captain and his crew enjoy nothing more then hearty meals and good laughs together but when the price of fame and glory comes into play this seems to be the only thing on his mind.

With some great funny moments and amazing use of animation this film is liked for ages as there is some adult humor thrown in as well.

Not much use of 3D I could see used as it works just as good in 2D all round great family film remember its not always about the gold and treasure even your best of ‘mates’ can be priceless.

Review by James Jarvis


Unsure really where to start on this one as I am still confused on the way home , thinkin about it but this is what I can kind of gather what happened

The film starts off thinking that its going to be two agents or a film about two limo drivers but it wasn't shame that as it would of made a better film if it did.

Stepping into the back of the limo where nearly 90% of the film is recorded in shows as multi millionaire talking about his life to a number of different people and backgrounds that knew his business and current affairs, with a number of sex scenes and some really bad cq while in the limo, just felt like nothing happened and the most interesting part of the film was the last ten minutes.

With the (Robert Pattersion) multi millionaire losing millions by the second all he wanted to do was go and get a hair cut , but not just a normal hair cut he wanted to travel through and out of town to get this done , but along the way he finds himself in a spot of bother with riots taking places , as well as picking up doctors to give him a once over as well as former lovers and anyone else to offer him advice where he will just listen and ask questions about himself and his direction.

References to rats being the currency seemed like the film could of been so much better if it was a virtual reality or a dream or if he was dead as it seemed like the story was aimed that one.

Don't know if it was just me but no wonder why the screen was nearly empty and the film only has one week slot in local cinemas it was just more confusing then inspection.

Money and power is said to make your life shorter due to greed and jealous , and for our leading man being checked by a doctor everyday (that part of the film was weird) taking everyday as it comes seems to be the key to this story.

Review by James Jarvis