Dean Wrigley

Dean Wrigley

An Old Friend

About Me

Hello!  I'm Dean and I've been coming to Broadway since the late 80s when I was a student at Trent Polytechnic. I'm not a film buff but I like most genres and not adverse to watching challenging films.



The first film I saw at Braodway was Casablanca back in 1989. During the 90s I saw many more outstanding, provocative films of every genre. Gas, Food Lodging, Jamon Jamon, My Own Private Idaho, Things To Do In Denver... a whole year before it went mainstream, the screenings Ed Wood of films so bad they were good and Three Colors trilogy, The Double Life Of Veronique all films by Krzysztof Kieślowski, who became my favourite director and left us far too soon. All these wonderful moments thanks to Broadway. I've had a few years away from Broadway and didn't realise how much I'd missed it. So I've started coming again. See you there!